EEF is flexible as it relates to the investment type and structure, while remaining committed to its value creation formula. EEF is primarily a majority investor, however we will provide minority capital in certain situations.

Investment Program

Growth through add-on acquisitions in addition to organic means.

Organic Growth

Growth through organic means (without acquisitions).

Entrepreneur Partnership
Partnering with entrepreneurs to significantly expand their company.

Executive Partnership

Partnering with a seasoned executive to build a platform company.

Investment Type

Growth Equity
Capital to finance organic or acquisition growth opportunities.

Capital to provide liquidity to an entrepreneur or family-owned business while retaining a significant stake to capitalize on the future value creation.

Capital to purchase 100% of a company; typically from an entrepreneur or family-owned business in partnership with a seasoned management team.

Corporate Divestitures
Capital to purchase a division or subsidiary of a larger corporation.